What is GEMOS?
GEMOS is the answer to the problems faced by people responsible for safety and comfort in modern facilities. GEMOS allows you to reduce the risk of the so-called the security paradox.
GEMOS is used wherever the operator has to control many different security and building automation systems.

GEMOS provides in an accessible way information about the state of the facility's infrastructure in real time.
Safety and comfort
Effective building management provides clear answers to the questions of "how, what, who and when" by controlling and monitoring processes. Thanks to the GEMOS system, you can manage a wide range of media, communication and security in a manufacturer-independent manner, e.g.: fire alarm systems, burglary and assault alarm systems, video surveillance systems, access control systems, fire extinguishing and smoke extraction systems and many others. Thanks to the GEMOS system, all technical devices are integrated in one central, easy-to-use interface.
Is GEMOS for you?
  1. It allows you to reduce the number of false alarms.
  2. The friendly and intuitive user interface does not require hours of training.
  3. It improves the quality of work and competence of service personnel.
  4. It enables free selection of building systems.
  5. The documentation of the facility is always up to date, and the status of the devices is presented in real time.
  6. The available analytical module allows you to evaluate the maintenance work performed.
  7. It provides a synergy effect consisting in obtaining additional and often unique functionalities, thanks to the interaction of integrated systems.
7 advantages of
 GEMOS system:
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Operating in many sectors
Railway stations
Government and military
Facility Management
Shopping centers
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